Ivo Konings. Graphic designer based in Breda. Trained from various disciplines always experimenting between different techniques and media. My work was featured by Blind Walls Gallery, Kiblind Magazine, Slanted Magazine, among others. My portfolio is currently a work in progress but you can always get in touch with me on Instagram, LinkedIn, or send me an email: ivokbusiness@gmail.com

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial, Graphic design, Illustration
Photos: 8

During a school work week, there was no alternative program for the students left at home. The majority of the class was off to an island far away from Breda. It left us with a deserted feeling, as if we had lost a loved one. Within a deadline of 3 days I turned this feeling into a poetry zine within this theme.

Written by:
    Tim van den Hoven︎
    Jeannot Keser︎
    Ivo Konings

   Maarten van Maanen︎
Font used:
    Dive Mono

Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial, Graphic design, Illustration
Photos: 8

Statement about my internship time at Rob and Robin︎. This also relates to my positioning, imagery and making process when I am intuitively designing. I share and discuss my future plans and show an inside view into the studio and positioning of Rob and Robin. This publication is bundled in a 64 page booklet with ring binder.
Type of Project: Academic
Disciplines: Editorial, Graphic design, Photography
Photos: 5

The Mastbos is a forest located in the Ginneken, Breda. During COVID-19 I started to take many walks through the forest and became more and more fascinated with this forest. The walks are unique sensory experiences. The whistling of the birds, the cracking of the branches, the wind through the trees..
    Walks through the Mastbos are becoming more and more popular with each lockdown, I give visitors more insight into what regions of the forest they are in and what birds are here. Through vexillology I indicate regions where the birds are approximately located so people are aware of these regions. Each flag was later combined into a collective design representing each species of bird of the Mastbos.

2020 - 2021
Type of project: Personal
Discipline: Illustration
Photos: 7

These compositions were inspired by the design of everyday objects, they are image experiments in which communication between objects is a central focus.

Type of project: Personal
Discipline: Risography
Photos: 3

Risograph from one of my illustrations. Risography is a print technique where every colorlayer is printed seperatly. The beauty of this technique sits in it’s inperfections like the smudges from the slow drying ink.

Edition of 24
€20.00 (excl. shipping)
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Type of project: Commissioned
Discipline: Illustration, Painting
Photos: 4

To open the first legal graffiti wallspot in Breda, Blind Walls Gallery and Bank15 organised an open call for artists. Everyone got the assignment to base their design on the story of Gra Rueb, a Dutch sculptor who represented the Netherlands at the Olympic Games as the first Dutch female artist. My focus was the small pedestals Rueb gave almost every sculpture, the pedestals are unique in their own way but quickly fade in the background. This is my take on giving them their 15 minutes of fame.

Photography: Evy van Nispen
Assistance: Joep Onnink ↗

Type of project: Personal
Discipline: Typography
Photos: 7

Teka is a passion project, the first experimentation with typography, understanding glyphs, how type works and how every letter communicates with each other. The font is at it’s best when printed large and thick on a screen or print.

   - Total glyph set: 189
   - Regular & Condensed
   - Uppercase
   - Lowercase
   - Numbers
   - Punctuation

Type of project: Academic
Discipline: Video art
Video: 1

Television series build a universe around main characters of these series. the camera moves with them and you follow them through their lives. but what happens to the universe when the main characters are not there? do these places still exist?