graphic designer based in breda. trained from various disciplines always experimenting between editorial design, visual identity and typography. my work was featured by blind walls gallery, kiblind magazine, slanted magazine, grafik media and others.

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st.joost school of art & design
new design & attitudes
2018 - 2022

grafisch lyceum rotterdam
graphic design
2014 - 2018


De Eenzame Elektriciteitskast,
The Lonely Electricity Cabinet

A social experiment testing the hypothesis of "graffiti attracts graffiti". A replica of an electricity cabinet was welded together and unknowingly exhibited in the public space for two months. The electricity box was installed to be daubed by anonymous makers, but this never happened. This was responded to in poem form from the perspective of the electricity box who longed for graffiti on his jacket, but never received it.

Free with every order of (1) Uncontrolled Artistic Excesses
Print with typographic poem
90g Kasaka, 297 x 210 mm
June, 2022


Ongecontroleerde Artistieke Uitspattingen, Uncontrolled Artistic Excesses

Collection of tags in the city of breda. This publication is a curated view of the streetscape and the group of anonymous makers who compose it. Attached is a personal manifesto about the importance of tagging in the Dutch streetscape and a complete index of makers. This publication was exhibited during the NowShow of 2022 and is still for sale.

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First edition of 50
A6 Softcover 105 x 148
120g Biotop natural
144 pages
June, 2022

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